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Public Company into Private Company

Public Company into Private Company


>> The company shall not be catalogued on any valid storage swap.

>> In case of a catalogued company, it will have to waiting for rare one year since its delisting

>> DIN for all the Directors

>> DSC for one of the Directors

On acknowledgment of application, the Registrar of Companies (ROC) shall check-up

  1. Whether the liking of the public and much that of the creditors will be contrarily Dominance?
  2. Whether the company is catalogued?
  3. Capital contribution by Fellow.
  4. Whether e-Form 23 has been proceed and contracted on record?
  5. Whether the cause for modification are just and competent?
  6. How numerous Fellow voted for the proposal?
  7. Whether any gravamen against the company is under-trial?
  8. Whether any show reason letter has been come out to the company or its Directors?
  9. If there is any exception from Fellow and creditors.

If the ROC approbate the application, he send it to Technical Section and incrimination Section for their detail.

The Technical Section detail on whether the incidental e-Form23 and the last years yearly detail and yearly comeback has been filed and taken in record.

The Prosecution Section detail on whether any grievance is under consideration from whichever against the company. If during the review committee any antagonistic point arises, that has to be perceive into and the official representative should take the prelude to make good the defect.

Issue of newly Certificate of consectary

If the detail are good, the ROC will clearance a letter allow its sanction for modification of a public company into a private company. The anxious ROC then issues new certificate of incorporation in effect upon change of name after modification of the company from 'Public Company' to 'Private Company'.

Step No. Steps
1 Board Meeting
2 Notice of General meeting
3 Filing of Special Resolution with RoC
4 Application to the Central Government