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What is ISO

iso certification

ISO, establish in 1947, is a international league of national standards bodies from about 100 countries, with one standards body symbolize every member country. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI), for example, stand for the United States. Member management co-operate in the development and promotion of global standards. Among the standards the ISO promote is Open Systems Interconnection (OSI), a worldwide source model for connection formalities.

According to ISO, "ISO" is not an symbol. It is a word, obtain from the Greek isos, definition "identical", which is the root for the prefix "iso-" that be found in a host of terms, such that "isometric" (of equal measure or dimensions) and "isonomy" (equality of laws, or of people before the law). The name ISO is utilize on every side of the world to represent the organization, so keep away from the mixture of contraction that would be result from the translation of "International Organization for Standardization" into the disparate national languages of members. Whatever the reason the country, the short form of the organization's name is every time ISO.

Benefits of ISO

ISO International Standards make sure that products and services are secure, genuine and of good quality. For profession, they are planned tools that bring down costs by keep down scrap and mistake and enlarge productivity. They help business to access new marketplace, level the playing field for expand countries and make possible free and fair worldwide trade.

International Standards carry economic, technological and societal benefits. They help to coordinate technical identification of products and services making industry more businesslike and breaking down barriers to worldwide trade. accordance to International Standards support encourage consumers that products are protected, businesslike and good for the surroundings.

Popular standards:

ISO 9000 Quality management

ISO 14000 Environmental management

ISO 3166 Country codes

ISO 26000 Social responsibility

ISO 50001 Energy management

ISO 31000 Risk management

ISO 22000 Food safety management

ISO 27001 Information security management

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety

ISO 37001 Anti bribery management systems

ISO 13485 Medical devices