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Copyright Registration

copyright registration

Copyright registration can be pick up for original works of literature, art, music, books, cds, films and computer programs.

Copyright Registration covers the following:

Literary works such thing as literature, bokks, technical drawings, computer programs and databases

Musical works or Audio Visual work

Artistic works take in pictures,photographs,logos


Copyright registration is valid for 60 years plus forever of the artist who make the work.

QSEK INTELLECTUAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. has mastery in assist the clientele in handle out the whole legal processes from filing the application till registering the copyright. We stable furnish our help in case of copyright violation and actions to be handle in such situation. You can rely on our services for fulfilling your copyright affiliated requirements.

Benefit of copyright registration

By submit your copyright work, you generate a public record of your work and a solid proof that you are the holder of the original work

If somebody copies your work, you can take legal action against them for copyright violation