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Concept and Advantages of LLP

Concept and Advantages of LLP

Limited Liability Partnership existence, the worldwide valid form of business company has now been moved in India by way of Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008. A Limited Liability Partnership, famously known as LLP modulate the benefit of both the Company and Partnership into a single form of organization. LLPs also have many benefit over partnerships and limited companies, proprietorships, as elaborated below.

Limited Liability

First advantages of trading business via LLP is the limited liability paid upon the partners. As a alone trader or partnership business, personal property of the proprietor or partners can be at riskiness in the incident of a abortiveness of the business, but this is not the affair for an LLP. unlucky occurrence like trading failures are not always under an laborious control; here upon it is focal to secure the respective property of the businessman in the incident of trouble

Different proprietorship and partnership, if an LLP happen bankrupt and is cut up, alone the property of the LLP are used to clear its debts. The fellow of LLP have no respective amenableness and are not made insolvent and are free to serve as authentic businessmen.

No Audit need

Audit is not in need unless capital in excess of Rs. 25 lakh or turnover in excess of Rs. 60 lakh.

The latest trend which dominates off shoring legal support services is the spreading of legal web across the world and extending legal services to the advantage of the client. As the legal market across the globe becomes


LLPs are tax like usual partnership firms. LLPs pay an dominant tax of 30.9%. They are Immune from 10% incumbrance. LLPs tax settlement is lower than that of organization, which pay a 33.99% tax on gain.

More Important Advantages

  1. Low cost of manufacture and obedience.
  2. lower legal compliances as encounter to Private limited Companies
  3. Less requirements as to conservation of legal records
  4. Famous and granted form of business universal
  5. No need of any minimum capital share
  6. No limitation as to maximum number of partners
  7. System corporate can be a associate of an LLP
  8. Less Government interference
  9. Easy to interfuse or Completion