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Partnership into Private/Public Company

proprietorship to private or public company

Corporatisation is the necessity of the period. The overall world is step by step stack for one global market without any trade interrupt between the company. A small unincorporated organization guide by few fellow cannot think of development on large scale without corporatising yourself. Corporatisation has its own benefit such as easy access to funds, Transferability of shares, Perpetual Succession, Limited Liability etc.


  1. Automatic Transfer

    All the property and accountability of the firm quick before the modification become the property and accountability of the company.

  2. No Stamp Duty

    All floating and immovable properties of the firm directly pullover in the Company. No equipment of shifting is required to be executed and here upon no stamp duty is required to be paid.

  3. No Capital Gain Tax

    No Capital avail tax shall be charged on transfer of assets from Proprietorship firm to Company.

  4. Brand Value

    The credit of the Proprietorship firm and its brand price is kept virginal and sustain to delight the previous top story with a better lowful recognition.


The Proprietor get idea only by way of allotment of shares in company. The Proprietor share keeping in the company in clan is 50% or more of its total polling power and sustain to be as such for 5 years from the date of modification.

Steps in Conversion of a Proprietorship firm into a private company or public company

Step No. Steps

DIN sanctioned DIN is a prerequisite for Deduction process

3 First Name Search for Application
4 Application for Name Availability

  1. 6 names for the introduced Company
  2. Main Object clime

5 Representations before RoC on on the part of Promoters
6 Application to territorial director for clearance of License
7 Characterization before RD in case of any objections
8 Public Notice
9 Documents in need (after license issued by RD)
  1. Altered printing Memorandum and Articles of trade guild (MOA / AOA) Other Forms like:
  2. Form 32
  3. Form 18
  4. Form 1
  5. Letter of Authority
    Final Process:
  1. Filing all above documents with ROC
  2. Follow up with the ROC Bureau

In case of NPO being a Public Limited Company

    Application for Certificate of Commencent of Business
  1. A Public Limited Company, in increase to Certificate of Incorporation, must obtain a Certificate of Commencement of Business prior to its manipulation